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Just Poker News will give you a 200% Bonus!

Posted on February 07, 2011 by mosesbet

Looking to start playing poker online for the first time, or had enough of the site you are playing, then head on over to where all new players can get an initial bonus of 200% up to the value of 1000 Euros.

For example deposit 500 Euros and your bonus account will be credited with a cool 1000 Euros. As with all major online poker sites any bonuses are released on a pay as you play points system, so the more you play the quicker your bonus is released to you.

Big Sponsorship from Prostaker Guaranteed

Posted on August 20, 2012 by mosesbet

There is great news for all online poker enthusiasts, Prostaker will guarantee sponsorship of any poker player! That’s right, all one has to do is go to Prostaker and apply for sponsorship. Once this is complete, all a player has to do is play on one of the many partner sites listed. When one has played 5,000 hands, just submit this to the guys at Prostaker and the player gets sent a decision. If the player is not successful at this point in time, there is no need to panic as Prostaker will sponsor any online poker player as long as one has played 50,000 hands!

All poker players get sponsored by Prostaker

Posted on July 17, 2012 by mosesbet

Prostaker has been around since 2007 and is in the business of encouraging all poker players to realise their full potential in becoming professional poker players. These guys provide a range of educational tools in order to develop and get the best out of players. Prostaker then offer the opportunity of sponsorship to all players who are accepted in their poker academy.

What exactly do players get when they join Prostaker:

* Free Bankroll

* Personal Coach

* Access to training sites and videos

* Prostaker seminars and events

* Poker Manager to help with schedules, goals, trips/tournament bookings etc

Poker Online: An introduction for beginners

Posted on May 23, 2012 by mosesbet

The number of people playing poker online at sites like Sky Poker these days is staggering, especially when you consider that the first ever internet money game was played as recently as January 1st 1998.  The accessibility of poker online has introduced millions of new players to this game of chance and skill, many of whom have never so much as set foot in a casino,.  If you are new to poker online, or thinking of getting involved soon, you’ll need a degree of luck on your way to success.  However, perhaps the most important thing when you first start out in money games is not to lose too badly.  Here are some of the basic rules of thumb to follow.  All apply to those new to the game, and some of them apply to just about everyone who plays poker online, regardless of experience.

Advantages of Poker Game Table

Posted on October 24, 2011 by

One of the most important pieces of poker equipment when playing a poker game is the poker game table. To fully enjoy a game of cards like poker, the playing surface is required to be soft and smooth.


If you try to play poker on a hard surface, like a table top, you won’t be able to pick up the poker cards or poker chips easily, the chips will stick to the table and the playing cards will crease and bend when picked up. Also the chips and deck of cards will slip across the surface too easily and may fall of the poker table, which is a disaster.

How to Learn Poker Rules Online?

Posted on October 22, 2011 by

Poker was one of the most exclusive games for the people during the past few decades. However, people used to play poker at clubs and casinos, not in online. Due to the advent of modern internet technology online poker game has become quite popular among the people. Most of the poker lover today wants to start playing poker online.

Truly, online free poker is an ideal place for the people who are first time playing poker games. At the same time you should also keep in mind that poker rules are very important to know when you are playing poker for money. If you want to play real poker for money, you can start playing poker in any free poker sites. These poker sites are very popular among the poker novices.

Know How to Play Poker by Playing Free Poker

Posted on October 20, 2011 by

Online poker has become very popular during the last few years and there are sound reasons for this popularity. The popularity of internet has created a new era of popularity of any types of games. Being a favorite game of so many people, poker, has also increased its popularity. For the poker lover who don’t get enough time to play cash games in casinos or tournaments, online poker is the best option. Online poker is also ideal for the new poker players to practice and know more about poker games.

Experience the Brief Knowledge to Select Your Poker Room

Posted on October 17, 2011 by

There are many poker websites and those people who are always in searching for their fate browse in the net for a good poker website. You can test for the probability of the income from the poker also by taking a test of the website also. There are many websites that offer opportunity for testing the poker online. People always want to examine the probability of the income from the poker website. They want to be assured that they can earn a good amount of money through this website.

What’s Great About UK Poker Sites?

Posted on October 15, 2011 by mosesbet
Online poker is an increasingly popular form of gaming in the UK. Nowadays there are plenty of UK based/friendly poker sites which cater for players at all levels of the game.
Some of the UK poker sites are already household names, such as William Hill Poker.
Playing money on UK poker sites gives you a feeling of security and itís great being able to speak to a customer service team based in the same country.
So what are the benefits of playing on UK poker sites? Well as we mentioned, youíve got great security of knowing where your money is going; also there are more and more UK poker players starting every day. What this means is thereís UK poker sites full of players new to the game. This means there is thousands of pounds out there for decent players to take.
If you can put the time and effort into playing a good ëtight aggressiveí poker game, you can be pretty sure of being rewarded.
The other great thing about playing on UK rooms is that features, bonuses and promotions will be appropriate for you, in your own language and in your own currency.
Itís a good idea to read review of the UK poker site youíre interested in before you join. This ensures the poker room of your choice is to your liking and has all the features you may want.
Thereís some top quality newer UK poker sites now such as GuruPlay poker ñ in this case regulated by the UK Gambling Commission so you can be sure your money is being well looked after.
Getting involved in a UK poker community is also a great idea ñ networking with other players means you can exchange ideas and thoughts on correct poker strategy which will help you beat your opponents at the level youíve chosen to play on.
In terms of their game style, UK poker players are often quite conservative which means a player whoís confident enough to play aggressively can do well against them. Rather than calling or checking, an aggressive poker player will be constantly betting and raising, which can be a very effective and lucrative strategy against the ëtightí UK player.
Now is a great time to be playing on UK poker sites. Thereís plenty of choice, some very nice deposit bonuses which essentially give you free money, plus the peace of mind that comes from knowing your money is looked after and the poker room is properly regulated.
So read some reviews, make your choice and start playing on the UK poker site of your choice today.
Good luck at the tables!

About More Poker Sites Which Are Also The Best Ones

Posted on October 15, 2011 by

There are many online poker sites which are available. These sites provide guidance and help you master the techniques of playing poker. It offers you an excellent poker game experience. These games have become very popular in the recent past.As we all know,Party poker, Poker stars, Full Tilt Poker and Titian poker are always known as the best poker sites. These top poker sites are very popular among players because it provides them a new experience and contain highest sign up bonus for them. But today we want to show you more poker sites.

The Secrets Of Playing and Winning Online Poker Games !

Posted on October 15, 2011 by


Play Online Poker Games Today!

Online poker games are the hottest gambling game for online casinos. There is so much advantage in playing online poker games that it is the reason why online casinos have raked in the cash this past year.

There are a few differences in playing online poker games versus the traditional casino poker. One is that online poker games entice more beginner players because of their easy tutorials. There are websites that help the novice player turn into pro within weeks. Apart from that, there are lots of free software for online poker games that you can download and play even offline so you can hone your skills.

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