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Posted on April 08, 2010 by mosesbet

Poker players are an enthusiastic bunch of individuals!  I personally could talk about poker all day if the conversation was interesting.  There are thousands of poker blogs, poker forums, poker groups, and poker pages accross the web.

If you are and advid poker player you are likely a member of more than one of these interactive communities.  So lets examine how poker players actually benefit from these different types of poker websites.

The Poker Blog is a powerfull tool.  With your own blog you can do anything from providing poker strategy to creating a daily journal of your own poker playing ups and downs.  You can receive feedback on your blog posts from other poker players.  They may leave comments about how they feel you could have played a poker hand differently, or add their input to a poker strategy post.

Poker Forums are one of the more interactive types of poker sites.  You can start your own forum threads asking poker related questions, answer other players questions, and basically talk about anything.  Forums have been around for a long time, and are a great way to communicate.  Poker forums especially are full of disputes over ways hands could play out, and what strategy is best.  It’s fun at times to join in this type of poker banter.

Poker Groups are everywhere!  There are even large poker groups on sites such as Facebook, Myspace, and Yahoo groups.  These groups are a good way for poker players of any game to make new connections and friends.  Poker group communications are done primarilly through email.  Sometimes they are littered with spam, but if you can sort through it you can find some useful information.  If you don’t want to receive mass emails from the poker group’s moderator you can opt out of these updates on signup.

So if you love poker and already participate in these poker sites, imagine if there were a poker site that did all of the above!  Your time has finally come.

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James Tomshay is an advid poker player who has created a true social networking experience for the poker player only at
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