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Stars Who Play Poker 0

Posted on May 20, 2011 by

Turn the channel to any high-stakes poker event, and chances are high that you’ll see at least one Hollywood celebrity in the thick of the action.  With flexible schedules and larger-than-average bankrolls, celebrities have both the time and inclination to hone their poker playing skills in tournaments around the world.  Some, of course, never rise above the rank of amateur, but others go on to become familiar faces in the world of poker.  What follows is a list of ten of the best celebrity poker players in the world (listed in no particular order).

Home Poker Game Room – Stress Relief for Professional Poker Players 0

Posted on May 18, 2011 by

Amateur poker players who play poker in casinos, online or at home have probably experienced some level of stress when playing a big hand. Some of the physical symptoms that they may have experienced might include increased heart rate, perspiration and dry mouth. For amateurs these symptoms would occur when playing for relatively small pots.  It is difficult to imagine the pressures that professional poker players experience while playing high stakes poker games where enormous amounts of money are at stake. Add television coverage or a large studio audience where their every decision and move is being analyzed and second guessed by the audience and the commentators and where not just a large amount of money is at stake but also their reputation as a poker player. Now that’s pressure!

Televised Poker Shows Famous Faces 0

Posted on November 04, 2010 by mosesbet

Poker tournaments and online casino poker games  highlighted poker players, celebrities and pros with their outstanding skills. Some keep simple, just wanted to enjoy with their poker tables while others are known enough and find themselves followed by cameras. Are you wondering who are this players whose performances reaches the screen and televised poker shows? Overexposed? Well, judged them yourself…

Prahlad Friedman

Born on May 20, 1978, Friedman is an American professional poker player form Los Angeles, California. Under the screen name “Spirit Rock” he played for Full Tilt Poker. He has other alias like “Mahatma” on Ultimate Bet, “Zweig” on Prima Network, and “Poopers” on PokerStars.

A poker Strategy to cash in on poker games online 0

Posted on October 10, 2010 by mosesbet

Poker card games are among the mostly popular card games played by gambling enthusiasts, however very few players really have the ability to win a particular game. Many of them fumble as the stakes go up. Few novice players really take risks when laying their bets on a high stakes poker game.

One must remember that there is no hard and fast rule to win a game of poker. A skilled poker player never wins poker jackpots because of his luck but because he has good anticipation skills. You don’t necessarily have to get hold of a poker guru to learn the tricks of the game all you really have to do is log on to a poker strategy website where they teach poker players the right tactics to maximize their chances of winning the game.

Carmel Petresco – High Stake Poker Pro 0

Posted on July 19, 2010 by mosesbet

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CarmelPetresco is a new female poker player on the rise and began her professional career only just a couple of years ago. She grew up in Romania in Eastern Europe and moved to New York. Carmel Petresco travelled a lot as a child and feels that this gave her the ability to adapt to new situations, which is a useful skill in poker.

Free Online Poker Guide to How to Bluff and semi Bluff to the Pot 0

Posted on May 28, 2010 by mosesbet

“To bluff” in a poker game means to bet or raise when you haven’t got a very good hand in order to fool your opponents into folding, even if they have a better hand.

Bluffing is a very important poker skill that is important even if you only play free online poker games, especially if you have any ambition to advance to high stakes poker.

Why is it important to be able to bluff?
Well, the first reason is that you can win the pot with cards worse than the others.

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