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6th Annual Heads-Up Poker Championship 0

Posted on October 28, 2010 by mosesbet

The National Heads-Up Poker Championship is an annual poker tournament held in the United States and produced by the NBC television network. For another successful 2010 tournament, the finale of the 6th Annual NBC National Heads-Up Poker Championship is held, May 23. Its been hours of top level poker pros playing in the semifinal matches, all titans of live and online casinos. Then finally, cut down up to the most awaited best-of-three matches for the prestigious title.

The tournament is a $20,000 “buy-in” invitation-only tournament organized as a series of one-on-one games of no limit Texas hold ‘em matches. This simply means that what were looking for are the world’s best poker players.

Casinos and Poker Rooms 0

Posted on September 26, 2010 by mosesbet

At one time, the only place where folks could legally gamble in the United States was in Nevada.  Then Atlantic City legalized gambling in an attempt to rebuild itself as a tourist destination once again.  Then came the loosening of the gambling rules and the expansion  by the various Bureau of Indian Affairs recognized tribes.

Nowadays, casinos are all over.  Some are located on reservations, others on land owned by specific tribes.  Some are located on “riverboats” anchored along the Ohio River, Mississippi River or Missouri River.  Some have a full complement of “casino games and slot machines” others just a sub set.

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