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Playing Texas Holdem Poker at Home as a Family Activity 0

Posted on May 22, 2011 by

For many professional poker players their first experiences with poker began at an early age playing poker at home with a trusted parent, grandparent or other family member. They learned how to play poker in a nurturing, risk-free and comfortable learning environment where their best interest was foremost in the thoughts of their teachers. The learning  occurred in a positive supportive learning environment, allowing them to develope superior poker skills and strategies plus a healthy respect for the pitfalls of playing the game.

Online Poker Tournaments versus Live Poker Tournaments 0

Posted on May 08, 2011 by

Online Poker Tournaments are poker tournaments organized by different internet poker sites while live poker tournaments are organized at a land-based or brick-and-mortar casino or poker rooms, a hotel or any other local venue. There article highlights different pros and cons of both live and online poker tournaments.

Online Poker Tournaments


1) Online Poker Tournaments are a lucrative opportunity to enjoy the most competitive poker games from the very luxury of your own home. By participating and playing in online poker tournaments, you will not only sharpen your existing poker skills but you can also familiar yourself from the process of Real or Live Poker Tournaments.

6th Annual Heads-Up Poker Championship 0

Posted on October 28, 2010 by mosesbet

The National Heads-Up Poker Championship is an annual poker tournament held in the United States and produced by the NBC television network. For another successful 2010 tournament, the finale of the 6th Annual NBC National Heads-Up Poker Championship is held, May 23. Its been hours of top level poker pros playing in the semifinal matches, all titans of live and online casinos. Then finally, cut down up to the most awaited best-of-three matches for the prestigious title.

The tournament is a $20,000 “buy-in” invitation-only tournament organized as a series of one-on-one games of no limit Texas hold ‘em matches. This simply means that what were looking for are the world’s best poker players.

Develop Your Texas Holdem Poker Skills With Help From The Poker Pros 0

Posted on October 04, 2010 by mosesbet

The approach that works best for you in learning new information or developing new skills is called your Personal Learning Style. Individuals with different learning styles obviously learn in different ways. Some people learn best by actually working with materials touching, feeling and manipulating them. They are Kinesthetic Learners. Individuals who learn by watching others perform and then imitate their movements or behaviors are Visual Learners. They like to read books, work with diagrams and charts and also like to watch videos. Auditory Learners best learn by listening. They are able to sit in lectures, debates and discussions, gathering information from the way the speaker presents their information; the loudness or pitch of the voice, how fast they speak and other subtle hints. They like to listen to audio tapes and watch videos. These learning processes represent the three basic learning styles, Kinesthetic , Visual and Auditory.¬† Each of these Learning Styles is an acceptable and effective instructional approach that can be applied to any educational situation, including learning how to play Texas Holdem poker or how to improve an individual’s poker skills. ¬†

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