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Latest News after FBI Domain Seizures 0

Posted on May 02, 2011 by mosesbet

Latest Friday Blackout News

On Friday 15th April, around 2.5 weeks ago, the domains of PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker and UB/Absolute Poker were seized by the FBI in America.

The domain seizure had effectively meant that the three largest US poker sites had been taken down for a limited period of time (depending on players’ dataservers and country of their IP).  The closure of the 3 biggest US-friendly sites meant that massive numbers of recreational and professional online poker players were looking for other US-friendly rooms to play at.

How to get started in online poker 0

Posted on July 10, 2010 by mosesbet

There are many online games that are open for anybody that is interested. Lots of the games usually attract fairly large number of enthusiasts from different age groups but online poker games are one of the most popular games that are offered in almost all the online casinos.

The truth is that most of the online gaming portals offer the poker game to their clients but if you really want to play online casino games such as poker and have the best gaming experience, you may consider any of these three poker sites. This is because when you choose the wrong online casino for your game, the fun element of the games may be replaced by sheer frustrations.

Pokerstars Play Money Cheat – is it Possible? 0

Posted on April 08, 2010 by mosesbet

The game of poker is the most popular card game nowadays. Almost everyone plays poker; normal people, business men, politicians, and even actors and actresses. Poker is very addictive once you learned how to play the game. This is probably the reason why these people never stop playing poker.

There have been many poker tournaments across the globe that has become very successful. But there is one famous online poker card room that has been becoming globally popular. It is the Pokerstars. The game is fully regulated and licensed and it is free to play and to download. This online poker game has produced poker champions like Greg Raymer and Chris Moneymaker. Pokerstars was majorly owned by Scheinberg family of Israel and was originally a Costa Rican company. The game was launched in September 2001.

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